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The Sustainability and Security Assessment Standard is the official standard of the Eurasian Association for Sustainability and Security.

FSSA Packaging
Minimum set of requirements for the production of packaging for food products
Compliance Assessment Method
In the process of independent assessment (certification), the Applicant Company provides the accredited auditor with evidence of compliance with all requirements of the FSSA Standard. For each of the requirements in the course of certification, an accredited auditor gives an appropriate assessment (“YES-1”, “NO-0”, “NOT APPLICABLE”). The requirements of the sections are divided into significant and basic. Significant requirements are assigned a weighting factor of "3". Each section of the FSSA standard is evaluated in percentage terms, taking into account the weighting factors for meeting the requirements for the total number of applicable questions in the section. The final result of the assessment is established by determining the average of the assessment of each section of the declared module of the FSSA Standard.

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