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Sustainability and Security Initiative is an ethical basis for the active development of economic sectors in the Eurasian region
EAASS has decided to implement the concept of a voluntary Sustainability and Security Initiative in various sectors of the economy and industry of the Eurasian region in order to increase the level of mutual trust and strengthen the reputation of companies participating in the product chain.

The Initiative, in addition to its legal and regulatory compliance requirements, calls on companies and associations to:

  • openly report on the effectiveness of the functioning of security and sustainability systems;
  • promote best practices among partners;
  • use resources efficiently and minimize losses;
  • interact with stakeholders to understand their concerns and expectations;
  • cooperate with governments and organizations in the development and implementation of industry norms, rules and standards;
  • constantly improve the level of knowledge of the staff about the quality of products and their impact on the environment;
  • take proactive measures to ensure the security and protection of information;
  • improve the performance of its technologies, processes and product safety throughout the entire life cycle in order to avoid harm to people and the environment.
The Initiative is being implemented through:
Close connection of Sustainability and Security Assessment Standards with international standards and industry requirements
Inclusion of practical tools and best practices to help companies implement their own development and improvement strategies
Eurasian Charter defines the commitment of companies to the principles of safety, quality and sustainability of their own activities. By signing the Eurasian Charter, companies accept obligations to implement the Initiative in conditions of openness and mutual trust and declare the recognition of the results of independent assessments within the framework of certification schemes approved by EAASS.


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