Eurasian Association for Sustainability and Security

is the voice of authoritative industry business communities and associations, expert and certification companies, united by the common goal of developing and improving quality management systems, security and sustainable development.

Sustainability and Security Initiative - ethical basis for the active development of economic sectors in the Eurasian region
The EAASS Association decided to implement the concept of a voluntary Sustainability and Security Assessment Initiative in various sectors of the economy and industry of the Eurasian region in order to increase the level of mutual trust and strengthen the reputation of companies participating in the value chain of chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other products. Read more...

SSA Standards (Sustainability and Security Assessment) - modern requirements, best practices and industry specifics for sustainability and security
On the basis of the EAASS Association, a technical committee has been formed, which is assigned the role of a standards regulator that determines the applicable industry requirements within the EAASS Association. The main tasks of the technical committee are: the study of best manufacturing practices, the unification of industry requirements of various stakeholders, the development of SSA standards, as well as strategic advice on the development, management and implementation of standards. Read more...

EAASS Accreditation Committee
provides credibility to the work of certification bodies, whose assessment services are required in many sectors of the economy
With EAACR accreditation, we confirm that organizations can perform their work competently and in accordance with the requirements of internationally applicable standards, legal frameworks and relevant regulations. This is our legal mandate. With our accreditations, we help make products, processes and services safer and easier to trade around the world - for the benefit of national economies, protecting society and the environment. Read more...

EAACR is a global database of accredited certificates.
EAACR was created by the EAASS Accreditation Committee and its members to validate accredited certificates from all over the world. EAACR is a global database where users can search and verify the status of an accredited certification issued by a certification body that has been accredited by EAASS or another accreditation body in accordance with the main scope of ISO/IEC 17021-1. Read more...

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