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SSA Standards
The SSA standard (Sustainability and Security Assessment) is a system of
unified indicators of the level of implementation of the principles of the
Sustainability and Security Initiative of chemical, food and pharmaceutical
manufacturers and logistics service providers. The requirements of the SSA standard cover aspects of quality, security, environmental and corporate social responsibility management systems. The SSA standard can be used for voluntary certification, which results in a detailed report. Third party reports (independent accredited auditors) enable chemical, food and pharmaceutical companies and logistics service providers to assess the performance of their management systems against international standards and industry requirements.

SSA Transport
The standard contains a set of requirements for security transportation of goods by road.
SSA Tank cleaning
The standard contains a set of requirements to ensure the quality of cleaning of all types of tanks and other transport equipment.
SSA warehouse
Minimum set of requirements to ensure safe conditions for storage and handling of goods
FSSA Packaging
Minimum set of requirements for the production of packaging for food products
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